Offering Brand Positioning, Design, & Digital Strategy services

IndiDesign is a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in branding, business design, and digital strategies. Our expertise lies in developing innovative and creative brand identities that reflect clarity, purpose, and excellence across various industries.

We offer a comprehensive range of services. From designing compelling brand identities to crafting brand experiences, we help our clients define their vision for the future through forward-thinking development and engaging narratives. At IndiDesign, we pride ourselves on delivering impactful results with our client-centric approach. Our services include but are not limited to:

Brand Identity Design & Brand Consulting

Transform your brand into a powerful tool to shape your company’s image, build a recognisable visual identity, and foster credibility with strategic brand identity design and brand consulting.

Brand Positioning & Strategy

Boost customer engagement with a consistent and compelling message, enable business growth and establish a strong and differentiated presence in the market with clear brand positioning and strategy.

Verbal Branding

Amplify your brand with distinct and focused language that creates a consistent voice and tone across all communication channels with a well-crafted verbal branding strategy.


Build a consistent and recognisable brand identity for your company, create a positive perception among your customers, and establish a strong and differentiated identity with research-backed nomenclature.

Visual Language

Visual language is a critical aspect of a company’s branding strategy, helping you establish credibility, build a robust brand recognition and create a distinctive brand personality that resonates with your customers.

Brand Architecture

A well-designed brand architecture enables efficient brand management. Create a more cohesive and powerful brand portfolio with a clear framework for developing and launching new products and services under your brand.

Brand Communication

Brand awareness is a key factor in enhancing brand perception and creating a positive image. Build a strong brand awareness by consistently communicating its brand values and personality with clear brand communication.

Packaging Design

Well-designed packaging protects the product during shipping and handling and helps it stand out on crowded shelves. Create a lasting first impression and brand recognition with unique, eye-catching packaging design.

Product Design

A well-designed product enhances usability, stands out among the competition, and can make the production process more efficient and cost-effective. Create a strong brand image and recognition with good product design.

Environments Design (Exhibitions,
Retail, Displays)

Reinforce brand consistency and create emotional connections with environment design that will differentiate your brand from the competition and help create a memorable brand experience in exhibitions and retail environments.

Digital Experience Design (Websites, Apps, Interactive)

Create a seamless and intuitive user experience for your customers across various digital platforms and gain insights into their behaviour and preferences with practical digital experience design.

Service Design

Service design helps you map your customers’ journey, optimise touch points and interactions, and align your brand’s identity, values and messaging for a strong brand presence and enhanced service experience.

Corporate Communication Design (Brochures, Annual Reports)

Corporate Communication Design helps you reinforce your brand messaging by creating materials that communicate your company’s values, mission, and personality, making it easier for customers to connect with the company.

Innovation Workshops

Our innovation workshops encourage customer-centric thinking, foster collaboration, and help you harness the power of design thinking to generate new and innovative ideas for your branding strategies.