Website Design, Development, UX, UI

Industry: Investment company

Website Design and Development for India’s leading Investment company, BHIL

Bajaj Holdings & Investment Ltd (BHIL) is a leading investment companies in India listed on the stock exchanges.

BHIL approached INDI to design their website to communicate with its shareholders their company updates and 75+ years Bajaj Groups legacy of being a pioneer in the Auto, Finance, Investment sector.

We started working on the brief by creating a site-mind map with the focus on communicating it to be the holding company for many of leading Bajaj Group companies and sorting and arranging all critical financial information in the order required by the investors.

Our aim was to build a website that consolidates the experience, capabilities & assets of the group of companies of Bajaj under one roof.

We designed an interface that empowers BHIL as a strong and active investment and holding company making it one of the leading business groups in the India.