Rebranding & Website Design

Industry: Information Technology (IT)

Datametica are leaders in Big Data and Analytics that has partnered with big technology evangelists like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Hor-tonworks, H20 and many more having offices in India, Singapore and USA. They provide inclusive set of solutions i.e. Modern Data Platform, Legacy Modernization, Data Science and Advanced Analytics, DevOps and Support that comes under services, when it comes products they of-fer E-cat, Eagle and SelBI. They are recognized as one of the Top 20 Big Data Global firm.

Collaboration with Datametica

Indi design was responsible to rebrand Datametica in the most powerful way that helps them to be a strong story tellers that narrates its story in a creative and engaging manner. Apart from rebranding, we have also worked on designing their website that helps them communicate with their customers as well as prospects digitally.