Agricultural Development Trust Baramati

Industry: Agricultural Welfare Trust

Branding a trust that champions water conservation and sustainable development

IndiDesign had created a strategic and impactful visual identity for ADT a few years back. Carefully distilling the trust’s core values and mission to craft a modern and sophisticated brand that conveyed ADT’s commitment to sustainable development and water conservation.

The new logo, which incorporated a stylised representation of crops, elegantly blended the trust’s initials with the essence of its work. The leaves that represented water droplets running down the stalk further reinforced ADT’s dedication to conservation.

IndiDesign’s choice of green hues dominated the brand’s new colour palette, effectively linking ADT’s agricultural roots with its new strategic direction. The use of a formal serif font imbued the brand with a sense of gravitas befitting its status as a welfare trust.

Thanks to the thoughtful and strategic approach, this visual identity helped the trust extend its reach and forge new collaborations with organisations around the world. The brand’s impact was a testament to IndiDesign’s ability to create a compelling and effective visual identity.